R a i s e S t u d i o


Variety of options to conduct successful
Security Token Offering.


Your clients can participate in STO from any devices they want: smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Full Control

Payments go directly to your wallets, our services only watch blockchain for their public addresses. Customer can deploy ERC20 contract with STO whitelists from their account as well.


You don't need to care about DDOS protection, server administration, TLS configuration and other technical stuff—we will do it for you.


Custom KYC/AML approval admin panel for own lawyer or integration with popular KYC/AML providers.

Pick up your plan

Solutions for both small startups and enterprise users.


Basic features to conduct ICO/STO

  • Support for BTC, ETH, BTS, EOS, USDT
  • 24 hours support response time
  • ERC20 ETH / EOS token smartcontract
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Our most popular plan

  • Basic Plan features
  • 12 hours support response time
  • Admin Panel
  • Up to 3 additional currencies*
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Have full-featured SaaS ICO/STO

  • Advanced Plan features
  • Premium 3 hours support business hours
  • 12 hours support otherwise
  • Custom frontend
  • Up to 5 additional currencies*
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