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How to purchase

For Bitcoin / USDT, the client receives instructions on how to generate xpriv / xpub key pairs (BIP39, BIP44). Afterwards, client retains xpriv (private master key) and gives us xpub (public master key). Subsequently, our service generates addresses for new users on the basis of xpub and monitors incoming payments to these addresses.

Yes, all our products are presented in demo versions. You can register at demo.raise.studio and make test payments. Attention, DO NOT USE REAL MEANS, for Ethereum you must use Ropsten testnet, for Bitcoin and USDT - testnet3. Bank payments in the demo version are disabled.

Out customers get their own private demo after initial settings like token sale dates, token name, legal docs, etc.

The client indicates the ratio of the rate to fiat currency (EUR, USD, CHF) when coordinating the project. At the time of receipt of the payment, the cross-rate conversion through this fiat currency occurs. Cryptocurrency rates correspond to coinmarketcap with a tolerance of 5 minutes, fiat currency rates correspond to currency exchanges with a tolerance of 30 minutes.

How to purchase

USDT, DAI BTC, XMR, ETH cryptocurrencies or bank wire transfer. For payments in BTC, XMR, ETH it is necessary to agree in advance on the time of transfer and the course. We recommend USDT or DAI methods as most fast and reliable.

How to purchase